Past... Present... Future

Smoakies Bar-B-Que
opened June 10, 2003 in our current location at 107 Cemetery Road in Cordele, Ga. At that time Cordele had other Bar-B-Que choices, but did not have a sit down Bar-B-Que restaurant, only take out. We developed a customer base mostly made up of some really good local people who keep us going today. We acquired a billboard on the southbound lane of I-75 in 2008 which attracted guests from all over the United Sates, but about 95% of our business is still local.

In November of 2006 we purchased two acres of land on the same exit off I-75, exit 102, the same time I-75 re-construction started in our area. With the economy taking a major dip it's an even tougher decision when to proceed. We presently seat fifty-three, which works most of the time, but we have lunch two or three times a week and occasionally our dinner guests have to wait to be seated. This creates a couple of big concerns: one it takes a few extra minutes for our locals to get to us and some only have 30 minutes for lunch. We hate to see them leave because they can't get in right away, almost as much as we hate for them to lose the time it took coming out and then having to go somewhere else. This leads us to a second concern, loss of revenue.

Ground breaking plans are targeted for early 2010. The new building will boast many options. For example, if customers have been playing ball, want to smoke, or simply don't want to eat inside, a walk-up option will be available. The front porch area, equipped with ceiling fans, will accomodate outdoor guests. Other improvements include a drive thru system designed for faster and more convenient service, a screened in porch area large enough to seat an entire baseball team, and climate-controlled indoor dining.

The special feature for Smoakies will be its' courtyard, a place for simple entertainment wether it be on the weekends, or when weather permits.

We are all excited about the prospect of a new building as we have about outgrown our old one. We are limited on menu items due to storage space and at times, especially during catering, it's like working out of a small camper in our kitchen. We will never lose site of the fact that it is you our customer that makes this all possible. We will not stop working to make things better and more convenient for you , at the same time maintaining the highest quality of products and services while keeping prices reasonable.

Thank You,

Smoakies Bar-B-Que